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Welcome to Unscrypted, an audio enhanced version of my most popular unscripted talks, where I explore bitcoin and open blockchains at the intersection of technology, economics, and politics.

This podcast is called ‘Unscrypted’ for a reason: my talks are performed without slides or notes, improvised from a theme chosen on the day of each talk. 




  1. “Introduction to Bitcoin” – 
  2. “The Stories We Tell About Money” – 
  3. “Forkology: A Study of Forks for Newbies” – 
  4. “Streaming Money” – 
  5. “The Currency Wars” – 
  6. “Escaping the Global Banking Cartel” – 
  7. “Money as a System of Control” – 
  8. “Worse than Useless: Financial Surveillance” – 
  9. “Picking the Right Blockchain for the Job” – 
  10. “Another Brick in the Firewall” – 
  11. “Universal Access to Basic Finance” – 
  12. “The Killer App: Bananas on the Blockchain?” – 
  13. “Libre Not Libra: Facebook’s Blockchain Project” – 
  14. “Bitcoin: A Swiss Bank in Everyone’s Pocket” – 
  15. “Outside the Golden Cage of Banking” – 
  16. “One of a Kind: Why Bitcoin is ‘The Next Bitcoin'” – 
  17. “Bitcoin, Payment Security, and Consumer Protection” – 
  18. “Bitcoin and the Banks: Five Stages of Grief” – 
  19. “Bubble Boy and the Sewer Rat” – 
  20. “Investing in Education Instead of Speculation” – 
  21. “Bitcoin’s Origins and the Genesis Blockade” – 
  22. “Unstoppable Code: The Difference Between Can’t and Won’t” –
  23. “One Network, Many Chains”  –
  24. “Open Blockchain Development Culture” – 
  25. “Unprecedented: Rules Without Rulers” –