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Learn from industry experts like Andreas M. Antonopoulos. Earn your certificate of completion.

You want accurate, entertaining, easy to understand, practical, unbiased, and affordable cryptocurrency education. It doesn’t seem like a lot to ask, does it? But it’s been hard to find, until now; that’s why we built Pragma workshops. 


With Pragma workshops, you’ll learn practical skills at your own pace from industry experts, who aren’t just smart; they’re known for making challenging topics easy to understand and accessible to people at all skill levels. 


You’ll use those practical skills by applying them to bonus materials and exercises, included in every workshop. Then you’ll be ready to try them out, whether that means teaching your know-it-all crypto friend a thing or two, or just applying your newly developed skills to your own cryptocurrency or blockchain projects. You’ll know you’re ready, and you’ll have a certificate to prove it. 


Pragma is the pragmatic solution to your cryptocurrency and blockchain education needs. Get started today!


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Introduction to Bitcoin and Open Blockchains

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Beginner Friendly: No matter where you are in your educational journey, we’re here to make complicated topics easy, practical, and fun.

Industry Experts: Every Pragma professor has been recognized as a leader in the blockchain industry. Many are authors, sought-after speakers, and recognized authorities in this space.

Comprehensive: Each Pragma workshop features bonus learning materials like outlines, DIY exercises, and resource libraries to help you get a full understanding of the topic at hand.

Showcase Your Completion: Every workshop offers a certificate of completion, so you can prove you’re knowledgeable and display it on your resume, LinkedIn profile, and wherever else matters to you.

On-Demand Access: Study anywhere, anytime, on any device. Binge learn or take your time- you set the pace that works best for you. 

Entertaining: Unlike a lot of content in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space, Pragma’s is fun, interactive, and engaging. Our teachers are entertaining because they’re passionate about what they’re presenting.