Blockchain Commons SmartCustody Book v1.01 (ebook)


#SmartCustody – the open licensed book that teaches you how to take custody of your bitcoin, by Blockchain Commons.


The first SmartCustody Book focuses on a risk-modeling exercise, which teaches digital-asset holders to itemize their assets, assess vulnerabilities, and resolve those problems. It does so using the foundation of a robust 14-step cold storage self-custody scenario and a set of 27 personified adversaries who may be trying to steal your digital goods. Though this first book is focused on a self-custodian scenario, it also discusses fiduciary duties and demonstrates how the risk-modeling exercise may be used for the more complex scenario of a family fund. Future SmartCustody releases will expand on dual-control, multisignatures, and other SmartCustody technologies required for custodianship models of that sort.

This book is Copyright © 2020 by Blockchain Commons, LLC, and are licensed under the CC-BY-SA license from Creative Commons.

You can find the original manuscript, free PDF (same as the one found here) and additional resources on GitHub

If you read and enjoy this book, consider supporting the Blockchain Commons. Andreas M. Antonopoulos is a sponsor of both the Blockchain Commons and the Smart Custody Book itself!

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Linda Wright
Posted 2 weeks ago
Clarity of Information

I find it easy to listen to the explanations and examples that are given by Andreas in his information. I hear something new each time I listen! Thank-you so much for sharing your wealth of knowledge! Linda

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