Mastering Ethereum Open Edition (ebook)


The definitive book on how Ethereum works.


This ebook is sold and delivered in three ebook formats: PDF, EPUB and MOBI/Kindle, without DRM restrictions, under a CC-BY-SA open license.

Your files, your book. Not your files, not your book!

If you’re looking to get started with the Ethereum protocol–or are among the many open source developers, integrators, and system administrators already working with this platform–Mastering Ethereum is the definitive book on the topic.

Ethereum represents the gateway to a worldwide, decentralized computing paradigm. This platform enables you to run decentralized applications (DApps) and smart contracts that have no central points of failure or control, integrate with a payment network, and operate on an open blockchain. With this practical guide, Andreas M. Antonopoulos and Gavin Wood provide everything you need to know about building smart contracts and DApps on Ethereum and other virtual-machine blockchains.


I’m amazed at Mastering Ethereum‘s breadth, scope, and accessibility… I highly recommend it for your shelf. —Alex Van de Sande, Ethereum Foundation

Mastering Bitcoin is the canonical reference that made Bitcoin and blockchain technology accessible to a broad audience, and Mastering Ethereum does the same for the Ethereum world computer. — Lane Rettig, Ethereum core developer

Mastering Ethereum is a fantastically thorough guide, from basics to state of the art practices in smart contract programming, by two of the most eloquent blockchain educators. — Manuel Araoz, CTO Zeppelin

Mastering Ethereum will become a must read in the future, as Ethereum is going to be as ubiquitous as TCP/IP. It will become a necessary layer under which decentralized, trustless technologies live and thrive. — Hudson Jameson, Community Organizer – Ethereum Foundation

Mastering Ethereum is the perfect book for anyone who wants to learn more about Ethereum, whether you’re looking to test the waters or dive straight into the deep end. Between Gavin Wood’s technical knowledge of Ethereum’s inner workings and Andreas M. Antonopoulos’ ability to make complex subjects approachable, you get the best of both worlds with this book. I only wish it had been around when I first started diving into Ethereum.– Taylor Monahan – Founder & CEO of MyCrypto

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Linda Wright
Posted 2 weeks ago
Clarity of Information

I find it easy to listen to the explanations and examples that are given by Andreas in his information. I hear something new each time I listen! Thank-you so much for sharing your wealth of knowledge! Linda

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