Isn’t your work made available for free? Why aren’t all the workshops free?

Eventually my work is always made available for free in one format or another. However without financial support it’s impossible to support and grow my team, and produce more unbiased, high-quality educational content.

Others use advertising to pay for content creation, I prefer to remain untethered. Instead, I’m asking those who can afford to do so to pay for this content. By taking a paid workshop, you’re supporting free education for others and helping us to create the next workshop for you.

The price of these workshops is something the aantonop team and I thought a lot about. We worked with our Community Builders on Patreon, who help to support our work all around the world, to determine what price was fair and we’ve created a referral program that will allow people to earn substantial discounts by referring others. A modified version of the video content of the workshops will eventually be made available free on my YouTube channel but that will be many months from now.

Years ago we turned off all advertising on YouTube because scammers were buying ads through YouTube and advertising on my channel. Our choice was turn off ads or accept the scammers. We turned off ads. This means we receive no money for any of our videos no matter how many views they get. All of my 500+ videos, many with subtitle translations into other languages, are available to watch ad-free.

Balancing my desire to provide open free education for everyone with the real financial costs of creating content and supporting a growing team and their families, is tricky. I remain guided by my mission to educate as many people, in as many languages, as possible about the promise and possibilities of bitcoin and open blockchain technologies.

Thank you for supporting that mission.

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