I am honored that you value my feedback enough to reach out directly and tell me about your project.

However, I am not able to review or advise companies or projects at this time.

Also, I do not allow my reputation to be used for marketing. While I do work as an advisor for a few companies, they are prohibited from using my name in public. I do not endorse, promote or speak about companies, products or ICOs, upon request. I speak only about the technologies that I use or study and only as technologies, not companies or investment opportunities. I find those myself and do not need or want prompting.

You may think your ICO, hedge fund, company or product is different. It may well be, but I do not have the time to review every product in this booming space. If your offering is interesting, I will find it myself.

Please do not use the other contact forms to explain why your company, product, hedge fund or ICO is different. I use contact forms to classify incoming requests, so that I can respond as much as possible to the crypto-currency community. Even with the classification of requests, I am overwhelmed and cannot respond to most. If you intentionally misclassify your request, it will not earn my attention, it will only reduce my productivity.

Thank you for your support and for respecting my time. Keep building interesting stuff. I seek it out and will find it eventually.

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