LTB#418 Statechains, and Trading the Panopticon for Magical Internet Money

On this week’s episode….

Segment 1

“Long Bitcoin, Short the World?  Trading the Panopticon for Magical Internet Money”

  • CoinDesks’ Nolan hosts a fascinating Discussion with Eric Weinstein at Invest2019(
  • They talk about embedded growth obligations and the sociopathic companies they engender…
  • …and Tuur Demeester’s ( Reformation of Bitcoin (
  • Is everything fine, or are we already experiencing a low grade revolution?
  • The big value of blockchains is that they replicate real world “It just works”, if imperfectly.
  • Much more in this wide-ranging “fireside chat”

Segment 2

“New Tools, Layers, and Tradeoffs for scaling Blockchains”

  • In Segment 2, the hosts of Let’s Talk Bitcoin are joined by Ruben Somsen to dig into his proposal for blockchain agnostic “Statechains”
  • A low-trust, low knowledge, high accessibility approach to side chains
  • Pairing Statechains with Lightning Networks
  • Ruben’s journey from podcasting enthusiast ( to scaling innovator

Let’s Talk Bitcoin! is a long-running independent podcast on the ideas, people and projects powering the cryptocurrency narrative. On this show, we basically talk about everything other than the price.

Since we started this conversation in early 2013, a whole world of blockchains and tokens has sprung up alongside bitcoin, and we talk about those too as real-world events help us see what’s real and what’s just clever marketing.

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