Speaking of Bitcoin
Speaking of Bitcoin
LTB #421 Stone Money and Echoes of the Past

On Today’s episode of let’s talk bitcoin, we’re listening to echoes of the past.  In the midst of the biggest bubble yet, finding ourselves in the “then they laugh at you” phase, and with the china narrative rising for the first time as trade volumes overtook the rest of the world, I was joined by Stephanie Murphy and Andreas M. Antonopoulos in early 2014 for a conversation that is very different, yet somehow the same as we reacted in real-time to all-time high prices of $220,

But first, In the nearly seven years since we started talking Bitcoin, my favorite segment from my favorite writer is without question, the island of stone bitcoins by then-LTB managing editor George Ettinger. Bitingly funny and still one of the easiest ways to accurately explain how blockchains and tokens work without the need for technology at all, even if you know this story you’ll learn a thing or two, at least I did.

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