Speaking of Bitcoin
Speaking of Bitcoin
LTB 2020 Update (Looking for Jr. Producers!)

Hey folks,

Adam B. Levine here with a brief update on LTB!.   With 2020 dawning, we’re coming up on year 8 of the Let’s Talk Bitcoin! show, and, frankly, we’ve done a lot of talking in that time. In the early days we did a lot of interviews, but with the commercialization of the space, then ICOs, and now a world where there are literally thousands of blockchain projects hoping to strike it rich, we quickly became uncomfortable as the original nerd-money with its idealists became the world of pitches and marketers.

Without many interviews, as the years passed the show has become more inward-looking, as we explored our personal passions and perspectives.  Perspective and personal context are arguably the thing I think is most important about what the show is, and what it’s good at doing, and we’d like to build on that this year.

So in 2020, we want to do something a little different, and add more perspectives to the show without adding more permanent hosts.  

We’re looking for up to four listeners to join the Let’s Talk Bitcoin! team as junior producers, you don’t have to be a long-time listener to participate, all that’s required of a good candidate is that you are knowledgable about the space, paying attention to events as they happen, and have an opinion, a perspective, on what it all means or might mean.  Junior producers will be asked to write up and send in a monthly report of the most important, most under-appreciated, most misunderstood, or other such personal judgments about the world of crypto. You’ll also be asked to join me on a monthly call to discuss your report, and make sure I understand your perspectives correctly.  All told, for the right candidate, this work and follow-up meeting should take no longer than five hours per month. And this is a paid role.  To apply, send an email to Adam@ltbshow.com

Let’s Talk Bitcoin! is back with new episodes next week, thanks for listening.

Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/originalltb/message

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