Help Teach the World About Ethereum 


Translate Mastering Ethereum with Transifex to help spread the word about this amazing open blockchain technology

Do you speak another language or have a friend who does? Please share this opportunity with them. Together, we can spread the message of the power of Bitcoin and open blockchains.

As a longtime advocate of open source content, almost all of my work is available for free under Creative Commons licenses. Some of my work, like books, have significant overhead costs in order to build them. For example there are costs for designers, copyeditors, printing, distribution, and the publisher. 

Most authors and content creators publish their work under traditional licenses. But as a global citizen and advocate for open source content, it’s important that my work is available under open source licenses. I use Creative Commons licenses. This way, I can release all of my education as free and open source to the community after a period of time. While Mastering Ethereum has always been available to download and ready for free, it is now fully open licensed and can be used commercially, in PDF distribution, and of course, for translation!

My mission is to educate the world on Bitcoin and open blockchains, so enabling people everywhere to review and translate the books I’ve written is at the heart of what I do. Thank you for being a part of it.

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