Please use the correct form for your request, to help me classify the large number of requests I get:

Andreas M. Antonopoulos is a world-class public speaker with two decades of experience in front of audiences all around the world. He is currently booked for conferences 4-6 months or more in advance, so please make your request at the earliest date possible.

Andreas is available as a keynote speaker, panelist or MC for events. Please note the following:

  • Speaking engagements involve a speaking fee, which varies depending on the event location and theme. The speaking fee may be waived only for community-organized non-profit events (eg. meetups and charities).
  • Andreas does not do pro-bono work for commercial conferences. If you charge a ticket or have sponsors, Andreas will charge a speaking fee.
  • Andreas will book travel and accommodation and bill you for the costs, in addition to any speaking fee, including business-class travel for overnight or long flights (6+ hrs).
  • Andreas will only speak at conferences which adopt and enforce diversity and anti-harassment policies [sample]. That means balanced and diverse panels, no “booth-babes” or models, and rules against harassing behavior by speakers or attendees.
  • You may not announce Andreas’ participation until you have signed contracts and paid.
  • Andreas maintains absolute control over the content of his talks.

Due to the very high number of invitations Andreas receives, our team processes conference invitations and makes decisions in four “seasons” per year. If the decision date has already passed, submit the invitation anyway and we will still consider it whenever possible. Expect decisions to be made on or before the dates below:

  • Events in December, January, February: Decisions by September 30th
  • Events in March, April, May: Decisions by January 31st
  • Events in June, July, August: Decisions by March 30th
  • Events in September, October, November: Decisions by June 30th

To invite Andreas to a conference, event, or seminar, please complete the embedded form below. If you have difficulty accessing the form below, use the direct link.

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